CCM's Nutmeg Network Initiative:

The voice of local government  - keeping you connected

6a016764d242da970b017ee57406cf970d-800wi.jpgThe CCM-Digital Back Office Partnership will provide the following services to ALL CCM MEMBERS AT NO CHARGE:

Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP) Grant Application Assistance
(application deadline 12-31-13)

Evaluating municipal needs and formulating a site location map, project schedule and cost analysis needed to complete the Regional Performance Incentive (RPIP) Program Grant Application process.

December 4, 2013 Seminar PowerPoints
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Project Design Assistance

  • Identifying all physical sites to be connected to the network including town owned towers or public works facilities if required.
  •  Reviewing existing CEN or PSDN facilities for possible connection points and potential cost savings.
  • Reviewing security requirements and infrastructure for compliance with HIPPA, CJIS, and other federal and state regulations.

Determining the desired service level:

  • Will connectivity be required between the Nutmeg Network, CEN and the PSDN for any applications?
  • Is wireless access desired in some or all town facilities?
  • Is 100% coverage required for each building?

Identifying additional services:fiberoptic-banner.png

  • Offsite Back-up
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted E-mail
  • Co-located Services
  • VOIP
  • Network Help Desk
  • Network Access Control

Expense Audit  -- We'll review your existing budgets for obsolete or avoidable expense items:

  • Telephone lines or cable connections for internet services
  • Unnecessary copier expenses/leases
  • Long distance charges, cell phone internet usage, fax lines and equipment.
  • Removing unnecessary expenditures may offset the cost of upgrading your network infrastructure to take full advantage of the Nutmeg Network.

Tailored Project Management from A-Z

Once you receive state approval, we offer customized project management at SPECIAL RATES FOR ALL CCM MEMBERS:

  • Take on turn-key responsibility for connecting all sites to a hub location determined by the town and preparing the hub location for connection to the Nutmeg Network.
  • Communicate project timelines and progress.
  • Develop IP addressing and routing plan if required.
  • Bench test the network hardware before cutover to ensure that all applications will work on the new wide area network infrastructure and access the Nutmeg Network.
  • Integrate dedicated or shared services as needed.

Contact Bob Labanara
State Relations Manager
at 203-498-3023 or
to schedule your appointment and get started!