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CCM's Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium was created in 1996 to assist CCM member municipalities with all the testing and management services necessary for compliance with Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing regulations as well as pre-employment screening.

The program offers towns and cities -- regardless of size -- all the advantages of being in a random testing pool. By joining the consortium your workers are pooled with other municipalities. This reduces your administrative burden while maintaining the deterrent of random testing.

The annual per-driver fee covers all six types of testing required by DOT regulations, review by a Medical Review Officer (M.R.O.), services of Substance Abuse Professionals, training for supervisors and drivers, information materials, record keeping, reporting, and policy development assistance.

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For further information on the DOT mandated program, click here.


In addition, we now offer services outside the federally mandated program to CCM members for departments that respond to emergencies, drive large trucks, vans or busses where the need for safety is very critical.  For further information on the expanded program, click here.

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Both programs offer the following benefits to your municipality:

  • Predictable cost: An annual charge per covered employee is your only cost for compliance. Other providers charge a series of fees for management, training, professional services, and any other assistance requested. 
  • Convenience of on-site testing: Driver and supervisor down-time is significantly reduced. 
  • Comprehensive coverage: CCM's program covers all testing associated with DOT regulations, plus the services of a medical review officer, substance abuse professional, training, record keeping and more. CCM's consortium is designed to help decrease substance abuse and lead to greater public safety, gains in productivity, fewer absences, lower health costs and reduced legal expenses.

If you have questions about CCM's Drug & Alcohol Testing Consortium, contact:
Beth Scanlon

Program Administrator
Phone: (203) 946-3782
Fax: (203) 497-2480